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Welcome to KirbyGlass - Decorative Stained Glass, Leaded Lights, Jewellery, Mirrors, Wind Chimes, and Light Catchers

Since coming to France, I, Carol Kirby, have opened a B&B where I also produce wonderful pieces of original glass art - decorative stained glass, leaded lights, wind chimes and now, jewellery.

I learned the art of leaded lights using decorative stained glass on the Isle of Wight from a master craftsman, John Wheatley, who specialises in the restoration of stained glass church windows.

Every piece created by me is unique and each of those shown in the gallery has a pattern which can be created in many different ways using different colours and textures of glass.

I like to find new uses for ‘Findings', or pieces of old glass whose original purpose may be gone - decorative stained glass pictures, ash trays and chandelier drops to name but three. (See below for more about recycling glass)

Wherever possible I prefer to use glass, but I do sometimes use acrylic and other glass imitation materials. Unless otherwise specified, if it is on this site it is made of glass.

I will also produce customised pieces - window panels, transom windows, door panels - to designs created in consultation with you for your particular project. Subject, style, size, colours - all to suit you.

If you see a design here that appeals to you, but perhaps in other colours, feel free to contact me to discuss your choices.

So many people looked at the drop chains on my wind chimes and said "Could this be used as a necklace?" that I decided to turn my attention to jewellery. See my "Jewellery" page for more information.

Gift Vouchers

I now offer gift vouchers for you to purchase as a gift for a loved one, to contribute towards a dream in stained glass or a delightful piece of jewellery. The vouchers come in denominations of 10€, 20€, 50€ and 100€, redeemable entirely against any KirbyGlass product including commissioned works (conditions apply). Purchase gift vouchers directly from me, or by email, or drop me a line at ...

Carol Kirby
14 rue de la résistance

Decorative Stained Glass Supplies

Do you work in Decorative Stained Glass in Brittany?

Do you need something for a project?

Contact me.

KirbyGlass on the Road

Bon Repos Market with Decorative stained glass leaded lights on display

Bon Repos

My glass is no longer on display at Bon Repos - I am too busy. You can view my work in my atelier. Contact me for an appointment.

My glass used to be seen quite often at the Bon Repos Sunday market.

It is one of Brittany's most wonderful spots. You can just make out in the picture the Abbey Bon Repos and the Canal Nantes à Brest


I like to use old glass, old mirrors and old glass objects in my work. Most of my mirrors are made from salvaged broken mirrors. My wind chimes include old chandelier drops, old perfume bottles without stoppers, old glass dessert dishes. The recycling options are endless.

Don't just throw it away, think about bringing it to me.

If you have a glass perfume bottle, or fruit bowl or whatever which you would like to have built into your own wind chime; or if you have an engraved or etched or coloured or decorative stained glass panel which you would like incorporated into your very own leaded glass window; or if you have a bevelled or decorated piece of mirrored glass which you would like to use again in a redesigned mirror; ... contact me to discuss your options.

My atelier is open to view, and for disposal of old glass. Contact me

Revisit Often

Bookmark this page and come back often. I shall be posting news on this page of where I shall be displaying my wares. I shall be posting a greater range of products as I create them (and get them photographed) on The Gallery or the new Jewellery page.

Legal Notice

KirbyGlass retains intellectual rights and copyrights to all of my designs shown in this website.

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