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Dragon Bookmark
Detail of Dragon Bookmark

Dragon Bookmark

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'Quilt' panel or hanging stained glass leaded light is sold

Quilt (SOLD)

This is a bit of fun - 20 smallish squares of assorted coloured glass within an iridised border. It's not just me who loves it!

Price: 115€. Convert

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Miroir moiré hanging stained glass leaded mirror is sold

‘Miroir Moiré' (SOLD)

Small square mirror with black iridised border.

I think iridised glass with its oily colouring effects is absolutely lovely.

Size: 4¾″ × 4¾″ or 121 mm × 121 mm.

Price: 14€. Convert

A similar mirror, 7″ × 9″ or 178 mm × 229 mm, I price at 39€.

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Ice Lily Corner pair hanging leaded lights is sold

Lily Corner (SOLD)

Suspended from the transom of a door or similar aperture, this piece, loosely based on a lily flower, in this instance, in icy colours, is usually hung in pairs, one in each upper corner.

Size: 7″ × 7″ or 178 mm × 178 mm.

Price: 60€ the pair. Convert

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Silver Star Mirror hanging stained glass leaded mirror is sold

Star Mirror (SOLD)

5 pointed mirror with mirrored or coloured border.

Size: 6½″ or 165 mm across.

Price: 22€. Convert

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Heart stained glass leaded sun catcher is sold

Heart and Cross (SOLD)

Leaded glass heart with suspended cross.

This sun catcher was designed with St. Valentine's Day in mind, but it looks good any day of the year.

Size: 6½″ or 165 mm across.

Price: 9€. Convert

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Dusky Duchess Wind Chime

Dusky Duchess Wind Chime (SOLD)

6 long glass strands measuring 34¼″ or 870 mm, on nylon coated 7 ply steel wire, suspended from a pale blue vintage glass fruit basket. The central 2 strands fall just to the first layer of diamond shaped purple and blue irridised glass below a layer of irridised clear glass oblongs. On the reamaining four strands there is a repeat of the oblong and diamond shaped glass pieces. There is a purple bohemian bead at the bottom of each strand followed by a vintage glass chandelier drop. The tiny seed beads are glass and all the other beads are a variety of clear and coloured and irridised vintage bohemian beads from a factory in Czechoslovakia, now closed. The glass pieces are all cut, drilled and ground by hand.

The way the light catches the larger beads in particular and the pieces of irridised glass is stunning. As usual this is difficult to capture on camera!

Size: 3′7″ or 1090 mm long from top of the fruit basket handle to tip of the chime.

Price: 148€. Convert

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SOLD - Bourbon on the Rocks stained glass wind chime

Bourbon on the Rocks (SOLD)

This is a beautiful stained glass wind chime.

The inspiration for this piece was the vintage amber coloured glass dessert bowl, now the crown of the windchime, from which are suspended 16 strands of various lengths using 7 strand nylon coated steel wire for strength.

It is made up of a total of 21 pieces of amber and clear glass, each hand cut, drilled and ground (by me) so that there are no sharp edges.

Furthermore there are ...

  • 849 amber glass seed beads
  • 44 Czechoslovakian clear and gold lined glass beads
  • 16 Victorian faceted amber glass beads
  • 1 large green and orange lampwork glass bead
  • 12 large vintage faceted amber glass beads on the dish
  • To finish, there are 12 dazzling vintage crystal glass drops

The wind sail is a large vintage prismatic drop, which altogether produces a lovely sound tinkling in the breeze.

This took many hours to make. I hope that you like it as much as I do.

Size: 20″ or 508 mm long from crown to tip of wind sail.

Price: 195€. Convert

For more pictures of ‘Bourbon on the Rocks' click here.

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Green bangle with cross

Green Bangle with Cross

This is a memory wire bangle with green and pink beads, finished with a superb green glass milfiori cross. The beads are a mix of Czech and handmade lampwork glass beads.

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Double Dragon Bookmark

Double Dragon Bookmark

Dragon bookmark in Tibetan silver with a column shaped semi-precious gemstone of gold sand encircled by a superb silver coloured dragon.

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Amber Earrings to match

Amber Earrings

This pair of earrings was created with similar beads to match the amber bangle above. The ear wire is 925 silver wire.

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Silver Peacock earrings

Silver Peacock Earrings

Brushed silver glass peacock beads, turquoise and grey faceted glass beads, vintage Boho beads with Tibetan silver triskels suspended from 925 solid silver ear wires.

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Red Earrings to match

Red Earrings


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Frog Princess
Frog Princess

Frog Princess

This is a really beautiful blue and amber bangle made with many vintage Czech glass beads and 5 hand made lamp worked glass beads, I have also included a beaded drop at each end, which really complements the piece.

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Jupiter Earrings - SOLD

Jupiter Earrings


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Jupiter Bangle - SOLD

Jupiter Bangle


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